Robyn Read

Hi there,

I would love to share all that goes into making me, me, however to do that we would need a book rather than a nice short bio.

Many describe me as an  entrepreneur (well my besty Rose does), although I find it difficult to really assimilate to that label as it didn’t exist when I started the crazy journey of business. I was just the odd one out in my kids’ school playground, the one that the other mothers (or as I affectionately call them ‘the champagne mafia’) would look at with quizzical looks trying to figure me out.

I have owned businesses in many countries and across many niches. Some have been amazing and great successes and others have been diabolical (although since diving into personal development I now see them as my greatest lessons – kinda). The place I love to play the most is in publishing. From when I landed my dream job at 24 in the world of magazines, I have never really fallen out of love. I publish a stable of magazine, but right now my biggest project is Think and Grow Rich Magazine – what a ride it is!

I am a wife, mom, recovering people pleaser and perfectionist who is only really now, at the age of 47, coming to terms with who I really am. I had a lot of ‘me’s’ that would show up to the party and even I wasn’t sure sometimes which one of the ‘me’s’ that would be!

I am finally feeling as comfortable in myself as I do in my favourite tracksuit and slippers. I am unapologetic in my commitment to staying true to me. I have learnt to say no, learnt to disappoint people (and be OK with that) and I have finally learnt how to stop living up to other people’s expectations of me. I still slip occasionally but it’s few and far between these days.

I have done more personal development than even the most dedicated Tony Robbins devotee. I have dug up, unpacked and healed so much of the hurt that kept me stuck. I have dived deep down into the darkness to find the light that I knew was hiding there somewhere. 

I am grateful to now be in a place where there are more great days on average. I still wobble, I still have doubts and worries but now I welcome those doubts and worries  in like an old friend, take the lesson they have come to teach me and then politely ask them to leave.

I created this blog to share with you what I hope is something that might be what you need right now today. I hope the words in my blog are like warm hands, there to pick you up when you are down or to clap embarrassingly loudly when you need a champion.

But my biggest hope is that by reading my blog, you may begin your own journey to find ‘you’ – the beautiful authentic you.  The ‘you’ that has never left your side, but may be hidden right now under a pile of washing, a bucket of guilt and pushed down deep by the feeling of worry that you may never find YOU again.

Don’t be a stranger – connect with me on FB or Insta (DM me, PM me) whatever feels right for you. 

Grateful to you!

Chat soon.