WOW this is harder than I thought!

I Guess You Have To Start Somewhere

Soul’s Purpose

I have thought many times over the last 15 years that I should begin documenting or recording my crazy ride as an entrepreneur, mum, wife, daughter, sister and spiritual apprentice. Before social media was even a thing, in fact before BLOGs were even a thing. But I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and put pen to paper or my fingers to the keyboard and now I know why – it’s hard!!!!

Time and time again I would think – ‘I wish I had journaled about this – nobody would believe it’. Every time I hear Oprah talk about her journals; I wish I had done the same. Sure I have journaled here and there but nothing consistent and nothing that made any sense at all or would be helpful to anyone reading it (in fact if anyone got hold of what I had written they would have thought I was MAD!).

Sometimes I wonder if the reason I haven’t journaled or blogged is because I was ashamed, disappointed or embarrassed about it all.  I wouldn’t want to look back at where I have been.  The hard, lonely, fierce, testing, scary, horrid, invigorating ride of self-discovery, is not something I am sure I wanted to document. The money lost, the failed projects the wrong turns and the plain dumb ideas were all little confronting to face in writing.

Until finally I realised that each and every one of those missteps has led me to where I am now. They have brought me to this place of total surrender, of total faith, belief and hope. I now have the absolute knowing, that I am not alone, and that I don’t need to do this journey filled with fear and anguish. There is another way!

It was just last week I heard an analogy that Gary Zukav shared with Oprah about our souls journey, about us being little ship’s trying to navigate the smoothest waters to follow our mother ship – our soul’s purpose. Suddenly a light bulb went off, not a dim 15V mood light, but a huge ‘light  up a stadium’ type light bulb and for the first time in my 47 years on this journey of my soul’s  I feel like I have worked a few big things out. And when I say big I mean really BIG!

So, as I open up my heart to this journey of my soul, I decided to open it up to whomever might need or want to follow along. I always loved the scenes from Sex and The City where Carrie Bradshaw is typing away on her Mac in her New York rent controlled apartment sharing her musings on her life. So picture me at my by my window with the sun shining brightly on my keyboard, writing my daily thoughts and learnings, for me and you in the hope that we both steer out little boats in the direction of our souls purpose and let our lights shine bright ☀️.

Robyn xx

For anyone interested – here is the analogy with Gary and Oprah, so powerful , have a tissue ready!

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